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Fernando de Pablos MD, Doctor in Medicine,

Jumilla 12, 4º D 30002 Murcia


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About Fernando de Pablos MD, Doctor in Medicine,

I am a Spanish psychiatrist. I graduated as MD by the University of Sevilla Medical School in 1970. Went to Madrid were did Residency in Psychiatry at the Universidad Complutense Clinical Hospital.
In 1973 I took the Educational Council for Foreign Medical Graduates Examination. USA. Passed it and went to work to the States.
From 1973-1975 I was a Resident in Psychiatry with the Chicago Medical School Hospitals.
During 1975-1976 hired by the University of Connecticut, at Farmington, as a third year resident in Psychiatry with half time dedication to research. It was there that I met Prof. Harry Fish and assisted him with his dream work research. This gave me a great opportunity to learn and my interest in dreams begun.
During 1976-1977 I was granted a Research Fellowship by the State University of New York deploying main activity in Psychophysiology in the Lab of Prof. Alvin Bernstein. We studied electro dermal activity in normals and in patients with Schizophrenia.
In 1977 I returned to Spain completing the degree of Doctor in Medicine by the University of Murcia Medical School in 1982.
Thesis title: Disorders of Cerebral Hemispheres Specialization in Schizophrenia. Director Prof. Demetrio Barcia.
From 1977 I also began working as Consulting Neurologist and Psychiatrist of the National Institut of Health in Murcia Spain. This went on up to 1994. Subsequently I worked as Specialist of Area, Psychiatry in the Service of Psychiatry .Hospital General Universitario Morales Meseguer. Murcia.
Simultaneously, during the period 1977-1994 I developed teaching activities as Associate Professor of Psychopathology and of Psychophysiology of the University Of Murcia School of Psychology.
During those years my research activity was in the field of Psychiatric Epidemiology. Among other works I did and validated the Spanish version of the DIS-III-R.
I have many favorite dreams. But having to choose one now it would be the Dream that Alexander the Great had during the siege of Tyre - he saw a satyr dancing in a field. He asked his diviner Aristander of Telmessus for an interpretation, which was as follows: SATIROS can also be spoken as SA TIROS, meaning Tyros is yours. These dreams, in which the phonological identity between future event and dream are the basis of precognition, although infrequent, are a challenge to understand.
What about my favourite dream book? That is a difficult question. I have also many, but having to choose one it will be the Oneirocritica of Artemidorus Daldianus, in the translation by Robert. J. White, Why? It is just because, for me, Artemidorus is the precursor of scientific study of precognitive dreams and his book the best to date on the subject.

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

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