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Dr. Francis A Menezes

Dr. Francis A. Menezes,
Turiya - Center for Creative Solutions
5, Siddharth Apartments,
57, Kalyani Nagar,
Pune 411006,


Director, Turiya - Center for Creative Solutions
Internet Presence

About Dr. Francis A Menezes

In 1985, I read about the Second Annual Conference of the international Association for the Study of Dreams(ASD) and wrote to the then President of the Association, Robert Van de Castle, asking if I could attend. There was a quick reply in the affirmative. By a strange coincidence I was staying with a brother in Vienna, Virginia in the same neighbourhood as Rita Dwyer- a dynamic force in ASD. Rita took me under her wings and literally drove me to the conference at the University of Virginia. A few days before I met Rita, I was at Scarsdale, outside New York from where I called on Montague Ullman, who lived close by. We talked and he presented me with a copy of "Working with Dreams" which is one of my most treasured possession. Since then, I have attended every other IASD Conference and have been a presenter especially with regard to my work with R&D Scientists and Corporate Dreaming in India.

I am the Founder President of the Indian Association for the Study of Dreams as well as the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science. I have been Director of the TATA Management Training Centre at Pune, India, where Dr. Robert Bosnak organised an international dream conference supported by IASD.

My notes on the IASD
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My book "Dreams and their Interpretation made easy" has just been published by Roli Books, India.

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