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Fred Jeremy Seligson

Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.
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About Fred Jeremy Seligson

FRED JEREMY SELIGSON "arrived" in Washington, D.C., on September 26, 1945. He was awarded an A.B. in International Relations from the University of Southern California (1967) and a J.D. from Indiana University School of Law (1970) where he received the U.S. Law Week Award for scholastic progress.

From 1970 to 1972 he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Land Reform Lawyer in the Government of Haile Selassie, the last Emperor of Ethiopia.

For the past 28 years he has been observing cultures in Asia; during the last 20 of which he has been residing with his wife and two daughters in Seoul, Korea, where he serves as a Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Last year he taught an introductory course on dreams.

Member of the Worlddreamspeacebridge.org, and Founder of the (Children's) Peace Train, after dreaming of a locomotive crossing over America to the Capitol Building in Washington. D.C. where it was greeted by President Al Gore and members of Congress. Around the smokestack was a white banner reading PEACE TRAIN. See the above site for more.

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Some of his books include: Oriental Birth Dreams (Hollym, Seoul and Elizabeth N.J. 1988;also by DIALOG, Warsaw University 1992). "Mommy, I’m Here" (PRESSVILLE, Seoul 1995). Queen Jin’s Handbook of Pregnancy (North Atlantic Press, Berkeley, California, 2002). How to Make a Baby Buddha (The Diary of Queen Maya’s Pregnancy) is now looking for a publisher.

Also, a bilingual poetry chapbook, Daughters (AIOU, St-Etienne-Vallee-Francaise 1998) and Vietnam Diary (same publisher 2001)

Over many years, he has collected 1,000's of precognitive, Korean dreams covering all areas of life, ranging from birth to after-death, which will someday (in this life or the next) be sewn together into The Great Korean Dreambook, as well as a History of Korea Through Dreams. Many dreams can be found in his latest publication, Queen Jin’s Handbook of Pregnancy (above).

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