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Hermine Mensink

Vogelenzangseweg 71
2114 CC Vogelenzang
The Netherlands


GZ Psychologist,licensed Psychotherapist
Internet Presence

Website: www.dreamconference2011.nl / www.dreamresearch.nl / www.haarlem-psychotherapie.com

About Hermine Mensink

Favorite dream book? All the books by Patricia Garfield,
Stanley Krippner and many other authors writing about Dreamwork and dreams.

My notes on the IASD

I went, for the first time, to the ASD Conference in Leiden in 1994 in The Nethelands

In 1996 I went the second time to ASD Conference in Berkeley, and then nearly all years until now. The most important thing about
IASD are the many possibilities which are offered to study dreams/share dreams/ develop group work and membership activities for the future. And at the moment the World Dream PEACE BRIDGE group is more my Focus on Peace in the world.!
See www.iasdreams.org
We were in Virginia Beach in 2013 and we are going again this year (2015).

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

I organised the IASD dreamconference in Amsterdam in 2011. Look at: www.dreamconference2011.nl for the dreamconference in the end of July 2011 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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