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Ilana Laps

9/201 Ormond Rd
Melbourne, VIC 3184


Internet Presence

Website: www.dreamlab.com.au

About Ilana Laps

It's 3 a.m. on a sleepless night in 2003, and I am looking out over New York's Hudson river at a flickering skyline of high-rise apartments. Behind every window, I imagine, someone is dreaming. When they awake, most won't remember, and fewer still will understand.

My awareness of dreams had started years earlier when I ripped an article out of an abandoned newspaper in a cafe. The title was: Ask Not What Your Dreams Mean. Ask What Your Dreams Want. This is such a vivid memory, it really makes me wonder.

Since that night, my life has taken many turns. I completed an MA in Media Ecology under Neil Postman at New York University, and rode the internet boom working at startups and later at Yahoo! In 2007, I relocated to Asia where I immersed myself in eastern wisdom traditions for three years. Today, I am a psychotherapist and counsellor and Melbourne, Australia.

In 2010 I created Dream Lab to pass on what I have learned so far, and also so I could continue learning together with others who share my interest. Dreaming remains a mystery, however together we can explore further, go deeper, share more knowledge, and therefore have more to pass on to others. We may have forgotten how to use dreams in our waking lives, but we can and should bring this knowledge back. I believe our dreams want us to.

I feel so very lucky to be part of this community, and I hope to meet each of you as our dream journeys unfold.

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Favorite dream book ever: Inner Work by Robert Johnson

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My notes on the IASD

I discovered IASD online as I researched dream communities and serious literature concerning the realm of dreams. I signed up a couple months later, and in April, 2012 had the great pleasure of attending Australia's first conference on dreaming: Dreams & Imaginations: Healing Pathways, held in Sydney and hosted by Dream Network Australia.

To me, the two most important achievements of IASD are bringing legitimacy, rigour and a unified voice to the ever-emerging field of dreams. If not IASD, then who can do it on a large scale? The other vital offering is the bringing together of people across disciplines, faiths and perspectives, at conferences and events. When these people get together, shift happens, ideas are birthed, projects take shape, our voices are carried further into the world, and the gods, I dare say, might even be happy.

I'm feel very grateful to the work of this community, and feel privileged to be Melbourne Representative to the IASD.

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