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Isobel McGrath, MS, NCC, CHT, CADC

Hypno-Dream, 50 Locust Avenue, Danbury, CT, 06810, USA

Professional Counselor, Certiified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist
Internet Presence

Website: www.hypnodream.com

About Isobel McGrath, MS, NCC, CHT, CADC

Isobel McGrath, MS in Counseling and Certified Hypnotherapist has completed a MS in Metaphysics on the interpretation of Dreams. She has worked with nightmares and recurrent dreams of clients with post traumatic stress disorder. Isobel utilizes hypnosis to assist clients gain insight from their night time dreams. An active dreamtender for most of her life, she now has come to identify dreamwork as a spiritual practice, ennhancing ones life journey.
Isobel has presented at the Association for the Study of Dreams Conferences, has been on local comcast TV shows and radio. She facilitates weekly dream groups for adults and assists parents deal with children's nightmares and nighttime dreams.

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