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James Himm Mitchell

4409 South Shirley Drive
North Charleston, SC 29418-5419

United States

Intuitive Coach, Life Lesson Consultant
Internet Presence

Website: www.life-plan-coach.com

About James Himm Mitchell

My favorite personal dream is one in which I was reading my fortune with playing cards (I had the dream in 1998). I was studying the cards and taking notes. The dream led me to reading the Tarot (prior to the dream, I had never seen or heard of a Tarot deck). The dream launched my career as an intuitive consultant and coach.

My favorite book on dreams is by Michael Sheridan: "How to Interpret Your Dreams and Discover Your Life Purpose." It's my favorite because he gifted me the book because I have admired his approach to dream interpretation; it is a metaphysical approach, which resonates with me. That alone, makes the book invaluable to me.

My notes on the IASD

I had the opportunity to experience a workshop with Justina Lasley, who suggested I join the organization.

I think one of the most important things I see for the organization is getting the message out that dreams are such a valuable resource for guidance about the many aspects of our lives. I really believe that. Most, if not all, of the major turning points in my life have been preceded by a dream. I hold them in very high regard.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Most of the work I have done with dreams in a public forum has been on one of my blogs, "life of HIMM."

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