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James L. Nammack

927 Piedmont Street, Morehead, Kentucky 40351

United States

Diviner/dream analyst
Internet Presence

Website: www.primordialtarot.com

About James L. Nammack

I purchased my first deck of tarot cards in 1990, and I have been immersed in divining ever since. Three years later I purchased my first book about dream analysis, and I have been immersed in that ever since as well. I also married the two. In addition to using standard principles of dream interpretation to unravel the meaning of a dream, I also do an extensive tarot card divination about it. I have an online group wherein I provide dream analyses for people, and I have just contracted with a website design outfit to create a website for me in which I will be doing the same thing.

My notes on the IASD

Many of the books I have read about dream analysis have been written by members of IASD, and they always mention IASD in the book somewhere. So, out of curiosity, I looked it up online and joined.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

I have my own website, one in which customers can elect between having either a tarot card reading or a dream analysis. For greater depth, my dream analyses include tarot card readings. I also have a dream analysis group, entitled Professional Dream Analysis, on PaganSpace.net.

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