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Jane Austin

103 Oceano St Copacabana NSW 2251


Course Coordinator - Academic at NAISDA Indigenous Dance College
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About Jane Austin

One of my favourite dreams was when I was in the middle of a traumatic time in my life and I was driving through a tall dark forest, and I had my two children in the backseat. I was scared and pulled over to the side of the road, in the pitch dark. All of a sudden a big brown bear jumped in the front seat - I was startled. The bear just looked at me and gave me a lovely big warm grin, then looked forward, so I drove off with him in the car. I like this dream because it marked a turning point in my life (not that I knew it at the time).

My notes on the IASD

I stumbled across the IASD and joined it immediately as I was looking to expand my own personal dream work, and I wanted to find a community of people who had similar interests, and coming from diverse backgrounds.

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