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Janice Baylis, Ph.D.

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retired reading specialist teacher, Community College Dream Study Instructor, Author
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About Janice Baylis, Ph.D.

NEW Sept. 15, 2011. DREAM DYNAMICS and DECODING Personal, Practical, Powerful MessagesCreateSpace, 2011.
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New slants! The dynamics of Complexity Theory Science in dreams. These range from a single deterministic system to self organization. Also an analogy showing how dream-mind's thinking processes have a tree-like structure - roots to fruits.

"Just when you thought nothing new could be written about dreams, Janice Baylis has applied chaos theory and complexity theory to dream interpretation. Her suggestions are grounded in cutting edge paradigms." Stanley Krippner, PhD. Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University

How I, Janice Baylis, got interested in dreams. In 1959 a fellow teacher had major surgery. We set up a car pool where I picked her up in a strip mall parking lot and drove the 30 miles to our school.  One morning Mabel phoned and asked me to meet her around the corner on the residential street.  She said she didn't like her car taking up space in the store lot all day. 
I said, "Okay."

As Mabel was getting into my car that morning, we heard an enormous CRASH!  A small airplane had landed upside down in the corner of the parking lot where we would have been.  Then she told me she had dreamed it during the night. "WOW!" exclaimed my eight year old son, Brad, from the backseat.
  That launched me on a life-long, self-directed and academic study of dreams. From the first, the practical side of dreaming has been my focus.  The Edgar Cayce dream material was the first I found to study.  He also emphasized the practical aspects--health, finances, job, creativity, and interpersonal, as well as the personality growth and spiritual aspects.

With my BA degree in Education and a MA degree in Psychology, I got a credential/license to teach dream-study at the community college level.  I taught 36 hour, semester, night classes and weekend workshops.  My students urged me to write a book, so I wrote Sleep On It! The Practical Side of Dreaming in 1977. 

In my teaching I found many dreams use overt sexual imagery and that people were confused by the symbolism of sexual images.  I made this a secondary focus of my dream work.

At the same time I kept researching how dream-mind was choosing the images it was using.  In 1992 I presented my findings, "The Logic of Dream Language," at the ASD Conference in Leiden.  Rita Dwyer suggested that I write another book about "this fascinating stuff." Sex, Symbols and Dreams came out in 1997.
     1. "Baylis takes us a step beyond to how dream images are devised," says Dr. Robert Van DeCastle, Past President of ASD.
     2. "New, fresh perspectives especially in decoding sexual symbolism in dreams," states Roberta Osanna, Editor of Dream Network Journal.
     3. "Text is enhanced with comic strips (from Adam to Ziggy) to demonstrate the associative language in the dreaming and waking mind." says Audrey Welch, Past President, California Art Educators Association
    Since then I discovered the parallel between the Symbol Substitution Systems and their subsets which the book demonstrates, and the new science of Chaos or Complexity Theory with bifurcations and cascades. "The article, 'Chaos Theory Applied to Dreams' is indeed a brilliant work of genius.  It will surely stand the test of time," said Dr. David F. DeLoera, Asclepiads A.H.O.A.

Favorite dream ever?  There are so many practical dream examples, but the Egyptian Pharaoh's synecdoche (part to symbolize whole) dream of the cattle and corn to represent Egypt's food production was really great.  That dream with Joseph's interpretation saved an entire nation from starvation.  That's pretty practical.  I love it.

My notes on the IASD

I joined ASD as a Charter Member in 1983 at San Francisco.
GREAT dedicated people doing great work = IASD.
I have presented at nine internation IASD conferences.
It just keep getting better.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

DREAM DYNAMICS and DECODING: Personal, Practical, Powerful MessagesISBN-10: 1466219246 CreateSpace 2011

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