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Jeff VoVillia

407 S. Main St. Apt. 2
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

United States

AmeriCorps Member
Internet Presence

About Jeff VoVillia

I was first interested in lucid dreaming in high school. I continued to lucid dream and keep a dream journal all throughout college where I studied Psychology, Religion and Theatre. After graduating with a B.S. in Psychology, I was offered a position as an AmeriCorps member where I find mentors for youth in foster care.
I'm very interested in Buddhism, Psychology and how dreams fit in with all of that. One of my favorite non-fiction books is, "The Tibetan Yogas of Dream & Sleep" while one of my favorite fiction books is, "Life of Pi" because it blurs the line between imagination and reality & that's exactly what a lot of our perception is...a blurred line.

My notes on the IASD

I found IASD online the summer of 2007 and quickly became a member. I had just missed the conference and was quickly planning and saving up for the Montreal conference in 2008. There, I met people that I've only read about or read their books. It was very much a star struck feeling. I learned a lot and began a dream group in my town. I was also able to become the regional representative for Michigan.
The next conference in Chicago 2009, I was able to nudge my way in to the organization. I am currently working closely with membership duties. It is all very exciting & I hope to contribute to promoting dream studies as much as possible.

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