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Jo Harthan PhD

Greenfield, Saddleworth

United Kingdom

Author and Dream Educator
Internet Presence

Website: www.docdreamuk.com

About Jo Harthan PhD

I have always been interested in dreams and began to record my own systematically in 1990 when I had a couple of unusual dreams that preceded a tragic personal loss. My illustrated Dream Journals span over 25 years.
I'm interested in every aspect of sleep and dreaming but am particularly fascinated by my daily experiences of precognition, meaningful coincidences and telepathy. I use Shamanic techniques to understand my dreams and also to navigate through life.
Favorite book: My book shelves are packed to bursting with most of the dream-related books ever written. One of my favorites is the first one I ever read back in 1970: John Dunne's Experiment with Time. Henry reed's "Getting Help from your Dreams" is an important resource for those involved in running work groups. "Dreamscaping" edited by Stanley Krippner & Mark Waldman is a wonderfully diverse collection of essays from some of the big names in dream research today. In addition, Robert Van de Castle's "Our Dreaming Mind" and all Robert Moss's books contain valuable information for those serious about exploring their dreaming life.

My notes on the IASD

In the 1990s, after the break up of my marriage, my dreams took on greater importance than they had ever done before. It was a challenge to understand them and there didn't seem to be any resources anywhere in the UK.I stumbled on in the dark until I got myself an internet connection in 1994 and found the IASD website (then the ASD). I was astounded to find a scientifically credible organisation that took dreams seriously. I worshiped at the feet the big dream gurus; Bob Van de Castle, Patricia Garfield, Montague Ullman, Robert Moss to mention only a few. Early in 2001 I was in a better financial position and able to afford the membership fee. My first conference was in Copenhagen in 2004 and it's a time I will never forget. All those gurus who I'd been so in awe of, these giants of dreamwork, were so friendly and welcoming and beautiful. It was the start of an incredible journey for me. So thank you IASD and all who sail in her LOL

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

"Working With Dreams, Handbook of Dream Analysis techniques." (2013) Createspace Pub. 978-1483942483
"Working The Day Shift; Using Dream Incubation" (2014) Createspace Publication ISBN 978-1500419134
"Working the Night Shift, How To Understand Your Dreams" (2005)Createspace Pub.ISBN 978-1481168915
"Grapefruit Pips" (2012)CreateSpace Publication. ISNB-10 1481164066
“To Tell Or Not To Tell” (Winter 2015) Dreamtime Vol. 32 No.1
"Lucid Laughter Is Powerful Medicine" (March 2014) Lucid Dreaming Experience Vol.2 No.4 www.luciddreaming magazine.com
"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" (Sept 2013) Lucid Dreaming Experience Vol.2 No.2 www.luciddreaming magazine.com
“Lucid Predators”. (Sept 2012) Lucid Dreaming Experience Vol.1 No.2 www.luciddreaming magazine.com
"Shamanic Dreamwork: A Mixed marriage?" (Winter 2012) Dreamtime Vol. 29 No.1
"Dreaming Yourself Aware." (2011) Skills Work Book. A Universe of Learning publication.
“Boring Dreams, Who Needs Them?” (Winter 2011)Dreamtime Vol 28 No.1
"I Dream of Drains" (2010) Presentation made at 27th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Asheville, NC
"Dream Precognition:A Conundrum of Time or Mind?"(Fall 2008)Dreamtime Vol 25 No.2
"A Journey into the Divine"(2006) Presentation made at 23rd IASD Conference in Boston, MA
"Minding the Message" (2004) Dreamtime Vol 21 No.2
"A Theoretical Perspective on the Function of REM Sleep" (2004)Presentation made at the 21st IASD Conference in Copenhagen
"Guest Review of Griffin & Tyrrell's Book Dreaming Reality" (2004) Dreamtime Vol 21 No.3
"The Valley People" (1998)BBC Radio Merseyside/Lancashire/Cumbria and GMR (A short story written from a dream re-entry)
"Michael" (1998) BBC Radio Merseyside/Lancashire/Cumbria and GMR (Short story written from a dream re-entry)


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