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Joan Robinson, LCSW #6332, D.Min.

1330 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 102B
San Rafael, California 94901
44 Jade Court, #11
Novato, California 94945

United States

Psychotherapist, private practice
Internet Presence

About Joan Robinson, LCSW #6332, D.Min.

A therapist with over forty years of experience, Joan has specialized in dreamwork for almost twenty years. She became interested in dreams when she had breast cancer and had a series of dreams which helped her make treatment decisions. She also had a very powerful dream in which a friend from college, who had died, came with a message.
Joan received her B.A. from Vassar College,and a masters in social work from the Smith College School for Social Work. In 2001 she received her doctorate in ministry from the University of Creation Spirituality, where Jeremy Taylor teaches dreamwork. She was certified by Jeremy Taylor's Institute for Advanced Archetypal Studies as a dreamwork facilitator. She now has a private practice in San Rafael in the San Francisco bay area. She is licensed in California as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker #6332.

In her dreamwork groups, Joan uses art to help dreamers work at a deeper level by using a technique developed by Dr. Alan Siegel. After the dreamer shares a dream, the group asks questions and discusses the dream, talking about what it would mean if it were their dream. Then group members all draw a picture of their own imagined version of the dream. Group members share the insights that have come up for them in the process of drawing the dream, and then everyone gives their picture to the dreamer as a gift in exchange for the dreamer’s gift of having shared their dream with us. The pictures are then used by the dreamer to continue their own work on the dream.

"Joan's work combines the archetypal creative impulse toward art and the universal longing for deeper spiritual insight, together with emotional and psychological development. Her dreamwork is profound fun."...Rev. Dr. Jeremy Taylor

To ask any questions or to make an appointment, call Joan at 415-892-2606 or email her at JoansDream@aol.com.

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