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Jody Grundy

United States

Life & Leadership Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor
Internet Presence

Website: http://web.mac.com/jodine.grundy

About Jody Grundy

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and live with my family in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, where I have worked as a psychotherapist in agencies and private practice for more than 20 years. In my work as a psychotherapist, community developer, political activist, artist, spiritual seeker, and long term dream journalist, I attempt to realize my dreams and those of my community. As part of this work I host six-week dream groups and other dream adventures. Also, I have served in leadership roles in international, national and local non-profit organizations including the Grail, an international women’s organization; the Cincinnati-Kharkiv Ukraine Sister City Project; and Rural Resources, a regional environmental and food policy group which I founded.

For the past several years my volunteer involvements have been focused on political, environmental, and international community development especially through furthering dream communities.
I am a founding member of the Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus (ODWC) and have served as Regional Coordinator for this organization in Hamilton County, OH. The Green Partnernship for Greater Cincinnati (GPGC)dedicated to climate change action in the Ohio River Valley through a high level institutional partnership engages my passion for our planetary survival through local action and I serve as a founder and advisor to the group.
But even as political and community development actions are my passions, dreams are my lifelong love with whom I live and for whom I work on a daily basis.

In these enterprises I rely on deep dreaming for guidance in realizing the collective dreams of organizations.

Since 1995 I have been an active member of IASD and have attended most annual conferences during these eleven years. My husband laughingly says: “you’ve found your tribe!” And he’s right.

And here’s the story of how I met ASD. I was following my dream, quite literally, as I dreamt the place shown in a brochure for Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpenteria CA. In 1994, I attended a Dreams & Mask-making workshop there, where I met Rita Dwyer, a participant in the same event. Rita told her amazing story to the group and talked about ASD. Though I carried home the info she shared, I was not moved to “join” until I had two dreams, two nights in a row several months later. The first night I dreamt that Rita visited me, just that; she showed up smiling. The next night I dreamt about Steven Aisenstat, who had led the Pacifica program. He was directing me to do something. That same day a letter arrived in the mail from, yes, Steven Aisenstat -- with a photo of our group including Rita and me and our masks and a letter from Steven recommending the ASD New York conference coming up in a few weeks. I needed no further or better direction: to New York and a life-changing jump into ASD!

In 2002 I hosted a very lively ASD Regional Conference in Cincinnati and have offered consultation & support to other IASD members hosting Regionals. I have served as a Board Member of IASD and Membership Chair since 2006. In 2009 I was elected to a second term on the Board and Vice President of IASD, in which position I chair the Nominations Committee. Finally, as Membership Chair I have developed the Regional Representatives network to further personal contact among members in their geographic regions. Work on IASD's Global Advisory Committee (GAC) with Olaf Gerlach Hansen and others aligns with and furthers global community development to which I am dedicated.

Some of my other IASD contributions: member of the IASD Development Committee, mailings/fundraising appeals.; contributor to and twice selected artist for IASD juried Art Exhibits; promotion and production support for an original dream dance created for the 2002 Regional; five-year active member of the World Dreams Peace Bridge since inception.

I hope to continue contributing to IASD by focusing on building dream community both within and beyond our organization. As I believe IASD is a unique carrier of the Dreaming, I want to encourage IASD to turn to our own dreams, perhaps through collective incubation, for guidance in building this dream community in service of the world.

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