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Johanna Vedral, Mag.



Internet Presence

Website: https://schreibstudioblog.wordpress.com/

About Johanna Vedral, Mag.

A psychologist from Vienna, Johanna Vedral has been keeping dream journals since the age of 12, writing dream inspired stories & creating Magazine photo collages (dreams on paper). She developped "Collage Dream Writing" and is offering Collage Dream Writing Workshops in Vienna (www.writersstudio.at).
Special interests in dream research include: altered states of consciousness in dreams, magic in dreams, consciousness switching between dream persons, gender switching in dreams, dream series.

Johanna became involved in ASD in the following way: "Searching the web for dream related sites, when I just entered the world wide web the first time in 1999," she says, "I found ASD. I found a lot of inspiring dream workers and wonderful people for dream sharing and dream discussion. At the conference in Berkeley, 2003, I offered a workshop in Multilingual Creative Dreamwork and enjoyed it so much to encounter with the incredible dreaming community worldwide!"

Favorite dream ever? Every morning the dream I am remembering and writing down.

Favorite dream book? C.G. Jung, Symbols of Transformation. About this book I gave a lecture at my qualifying for university entrance. It inspired and influenced my dream work enduringly.

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