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Joy Fatooh

United States

Illustrator / graphic designer, wildlife biologist
Internet Presence

Website: http://fatooh.org/art

About Joy Fatooh

My earliest memories include dreams and my fascination was intensified by sharing a mutual dream with my sister at the age of 11. Psi dreaming has seemed natural ever since; lucid dreaming comes easily; and I especially enjoy exploring the potential of lucid psi. I love inspiring others to expand the horizons of their dream worlds and above all I treasure the incidents that reveal our ultimate connectedness.

My careers have ranged from ranch hand to bellydancer but my degree is in biology and my current job title is Wildlife Biologist with a subtitle of Visual Information Specialist. You can see some of my work at my website

My notes on the IASD

It's been my hope since my first childhood mutual dream that science would advance beyond its hesitancy to acknowledge, let alone explore, that which isn't readily replicable and measurable with current technology. Dreams seem such an accessible gateway to the science of consciousness - what could be better than an International Association for the Study thereof? I only wish I'd found it 25 years ago.

I'm pleased to have presented papers and facilitated discussions for IASD PsiberDreaming conferences, and recently led a workshop on lucid dreaming at the Southern California regional conference.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

The Lucid Dream Exchange featured my experiments with shadows (and my cover art) in this issue,

and an interview in the next issue,

The IASD YouTube page features my short video based on a true story of an elder with advanced Alzheimer's communicating via a dream, The Message

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