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Judy B. Gardiner

United States

Internet Presence

Website: www.cosmicdreaming.com

About Judy B. Gardiner

I retired from a corporate career and turned to my dreams which I have been analyzing, writing about and researching for nearly 20 years. What began as a self-study transformed to a cosmic wake-up call illuminating the union of Science and Spirit.

The symbols in my dreams led to the discovery that four historical figures of science were acting as my mentors. They essentially trickled in, in a series of fragmentary dream images serving as clues to their contributions while on earth. I was only shown their full intention when the puzzle picture was completed. It took quite a long time before I realized that these giants of science were interconnected through time and space and were messaging their profound concern for the earth through their combined knowledge.

In piecing together these fragmented dream messages I found accurate explanations of astronomy, optics, chemistry, geology and other sciences in which I was not schooled. I confirmed these explanations through extensive research into historical and scientific writings. This transformative experience had introduced a new dimension of dreaming which I describe as Cosmic Dreaming, an extension of the personal dream. I believe that the potential for Cosmic Dreaming resides within all of us.

In collaboration with the late Montague Ullman, honored by IASD for his lifetime of contributions to the field of dreams, our work focused on the bidirectional nature of dreaming which reveals concerns for both self and species survival pointing to our internal and external environments.

At the heart of my novel, “Lavender ~ An Entwined Adventure in Science and Spirit,” is a consciousness study revealing an unfolding process that realizes the distinguishing features of one’s destiny. Addressing the long-term significance and timelessness of dreams, Lavender interweaves hundreds of dreams that point to the interplay of the paranormal in waking/dreaming consciousness. Taken to a cosmic level it shows that innate knowledge guided by spirituality may reveal important clues for science. Lavender was published in 2011 on my birthday - July 28.

My favorite dream is a transformational one which I dreamt in 1994: I have two coins. One is a dime and one a penny. I fit the dime, after some difficulty, into my left eye. The penny is an easier fit and goes into the right eye like a contact lens.

My interpretation: Contact was made. I had received the message. I interpreted the left eye as the past, the right eye, the future. Liberty is imprinted on the dime and would be the more difficult fit as it symbolized freedom and letting go of the past. The penny's engraving embossed "In God We Trust" would be my vision for the future. The metals the coins are composed of ultimately related to hazardous toxins in the environment.

My notes on the IASD

The feature I see as most important to IASD is a serious approach to the psychic, spiritual and cosmic side of dreaming and its potential to motivate world cultures to connect to the universal unconscious. As our planet’s survival is increasingly threatened, we may be developing psi capacities that respond to those threats. IASD’s exploration of such phenomena is the cutting edge of a new dreaming paradigm that extends beyond the mundane.

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