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Juhani Kaariainen



Technical Support Specialist
Internet Presence

Website: http://hem.passagen.se/antin/kilodream/settings/kidrepro.htm

About Juhani Kaariainen

Mr Juhani Kaariainen
A Member of The ASD since 1985.
Swedish Finnish amateur dream researcher
from Helsingborg, Sweden.
contact: kaariainen@hotmail.com

I currently work as a technical support specialist - you know that diverse IT stuff when your computer complains or PDA can't connect to internet: PC, Business printer, PDA or Mac, no matter.

I don't have any favorite dreams but I can tell which two classic books are my all time favorites: J.W. Dunne's An Experiment With Time and Hall & van de Castle's The Content Analysis of Dreams. Their work has saved many years of my lifetime because they did what I wanted to do. Now I can concentrate to illustration, animation, 3D and dream-source-reality-target Dejá Vù phenomena.

My notes on the IASD

1985 I read something about ASD and joined directly. Introspective dream study has been my main hobby as long I remember.The ASD was and is simply the Best!

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