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julia anne still

6 North Street

United States

artist and teacher
Internet Presence

Website: www.journeyartbyjulia@wordpress.com

About julia anne still

I live in the Universe of dreams and my Unconscious is my faithful compass. As a result, I have no favourite dream. I am simply grateful for such rich and honest communication from this world and I pray that my artwork does it the justice it truly deserves.

As a college and graduate student, I specialized in animal symbolism in 19th century French literature and that remains an inspiration to this day. The work of Gaston Bachelard was pivotal at the time of my thesis and there are innumerable sources of inspiration and delight...

My notes on the IASD

I discovered this organisation by drifting about Facebook, then I spoke to fellow member and friend Patti Allen, a dream analyst based in Toronto, Canada. She has also honoured me by using my artwork in her publication of her dream oracle deck entitled "The Abaton Keys".

So far, it is much too early to tell as to what is most essential for this group.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Catapult e-zine
EmergingVisions-an e-publication no longer in existence but can be viewed.
Esoterica- a publication put out by the Theosophical Society of London 4 times a year.
The Abaton Keys-a dreamer's oracle deck created by Patti Allen.

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