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Julie I. Moore, LMFT, M.S.

975 41st Street, Suite 308
Miami Beach, FL 33140

United States

Marriage & Family Therapist
Internet Presence

Website: vividdreampsychotherapy.com

About Julie I. Moore, LMFT, M.S.

Favorite Quote: "Man is a genius when he is dreaming."
- Akira Kurosawa

Dolphin Dream
I dreamed that I was at the ocean. I was near a type of ring
that was enclosed and wide, with water inside of it, the kind
that one would see at Sea World. Suddenly I looked and there
were dolphins that swam into the ring and then stood out of the
water so that their whole bodies were standing, somewhat like
a human would stand, except that they were standing on their
fins. I looked and they formed a circle, the shape of the ring.

There seemed to be some people that were there, I think two men,
and they were in a way guiding or connected to the dolphins
somehow. They started asking for volunteers, people who would
be willing to dive into the water with the dolphins. Somehow
there would be some transformation that would take place as the
volunteer dove, as if the person would turn into a dolphin-like creature temporarily as he or she dove. They asked us if we would be willing to dive.

Part of me really wanted to jump into the water and try it, but there was this sense of danger or fear on my part. I worried about the thought of turning into a dolphin and becoming that way permanently. I worried I might get hurt, drown or that something would go wrong. I lingered there for some time and watched as I saw the man that was next to me get into the water.

I remember feeling afraid, but also thinking in my mind, "I don't want to miss this chance. I want to know that I could have done this. I may never get this chance again." I was just about to make the decision to get in and then saw some other people and then worried they would beat me to the chance. I wanted to know what it was like to swim with the dolphins and wanted to try it. I was making the decision to jump into the water with the dolphins who were still standing in the circle when I woke up.

My notes on the IASD

I joined IASD because of my life-long interest in dreams. I began having dreams that came true at the age of 12, and have explored mine in depth since then. I am a therapist, am running a private practice, and incorporate dream groups and workshops into my business. I feel that it's part of my mission in this life, as dreams reveal the depths of the human psyche and can produce powerful transformation.

I feel that the most important thing for IASD is to expand on and share any knowledge that it can about the intimate role that dreams play in changing our lives.

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