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Karen Melady

92 Quebec Street
Goderich, ON
N7A 2G7


Community Artist, Dreamworker, Educator
Internet Presence

Website: dreamelady.com

About Karen Melady

I am a Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work certified dream worker.
I am loving my online peer dream group that grew out of online group facilitation training.
Still blogging at dreamelady.com: Dreams are the poems of science.
And facilitating community art with Worth Their Salt.

Recent dream: A device that might help Wolfgang Pauli solve his question. Wishing I understood math better.

My notes on the IASD

In January 2009, I made a commitment to live by my dreams. As a result of a series of dreams, I googled 'dream conference' and 'Chicago' and discovered IASD and that its annual conference was to be held in Chicago. So, I went.

The in-person experience of the annual conference is transformational. The contacts made there, the online resources, plus the regional IASD group keep me going even if I cannot attend annually.

I truly value being able to refer people to the IASD site and all its resources.

I do think that the global community is turning more toward the wisdom of dreams and the IASD has an important role to play by helping people connect with resources, and by being a beacon of inspiration to those exploring dreams and dreaming.

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