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Kat Peters-Midland, M.S.

2619 Cedarwood Drive
Fort Collins, Colorado 80526

United States

mosaic artist, writer, dream worker
Internet Presence

Website: www.KatPeters-Midland.com

About Kat Peters-Midland, M.S.

I have been fascinated by dreams for most of my life and I have written down my dreams since childhood. In fact, I still have old napkins with my dreams written on them in my trunk, that I plan to write down in a dream journal at some point. I love to work with my dreams through the use of art. The medium I work with the most is mosaic art, including sculpture. I love to give the dream tactile form, something that can be touched and held.

I do dream work and counseling in my private practice in Fort Collins. I facilitate dream sharing circles and dream consultation group for psychotherapists. I also do some individual dream work, as well as teaching classes on dream work.

I discovered the IASD quite by accident, when I was doing research on the internet for a paper I was doing for a class, on Dream work in groups for personal growth. Being connected with this network of dreamers has been a blessing.

My favorite kinds of dreams are flying dreams - they are so fun and exhilirating! They are the dreams that inspire most of my dream-inspired mosaics and paintings. There are also times that I will dream of a completed mosaic and I wake up inspired to try to create it in waking life!!

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