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Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D

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About Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D

Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., is author of The Wilderness of Dreams (SUNY, 1994), Spiritual Dreaming (Paulist Press, 1995), An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming (Praeger, 1997), Dreamcatching (co-authored with Alan Siegel) (Three Rivers Press, 1998), Visions of the Night (SUNY, 1999), Transforming Dreams (John Wiley & Sons, 2000), and Dreams of Healing (Paulist, in press). He is also editor of Among All These Dreamers (SUNY, 1996) and Dreams: A Reader on the Religious, Cultural, and Psychological Dimensions of Dreaming (Palgrave, 2001). He has been the President of the Association for the Study of Dreams and now teaches at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. His research focuses on the interplay of psychology, spirituality and culture in dreaming. He has kept a dream journal since 1980.

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Transforming Dreams Learning Spiritual Lessons from the Dreams You Never Forget. By Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D. (John Wiley & Sons, February 2000).

Nearly everyone experiences, at least once or twice in their lives, a dream of extraordinary power and intensity, a dream that strikes an emotional chord deep within them. From the dawn of history people have regarded such dreams as an important source of spiritual wisdom and insight. Modern psychology, too, has long recognized the importance of these “Big Dreams”-- Carl Jung referred to them as “the richest jewels in the treasure-house of the soul.

An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming.
By Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.(Praeger, 1998).

"Probably the best introduction to the psychology of dreaming to date. The author summarizes with remarkable clarity the various approaches to this topic…. Even though this text is intended as an introduction to the topic, it provides a sufficiently in-depth approach to satisfy the needs of the busy practitioner." Rama Coomaraswamy, American Journal of Psychotherapy

Among All These Dreamers: Essays on Dreaming and Modern Society. By Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.(SUNY, 1996). (Edited anthology)

"For American dreamers and scholars who still consider dreams and dream studies as primarily intrapsychic and psychological phenomena, this book is an extremely valuable attempt to reverse the trend and to move in the direction of social involvement and social responsibility." Mary-Therese Dombeck, American Anthropologist

Spiritual Dreaming: A Cross-Cultural and Historical Journey.
By Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.(1995, Paulist).

"Kelly Bulkeley's book is a valuable addition to the growing shelf of dream writings. Using dream reports from traditions as diverse as the religions of Asia, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and many native traditions, Bulkeley presents dreams whose common theme is the experience of the sacred… This is a scholarly but very readable book, including exhaustive notes and a complete transcultural and transtemporal bibliography of dreams." Betsy Caprio, Praying

The Wilderness of Dreams: Exploring the Religious Meanings of Dreams in Modern Western Culture. By Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.(SUNY, 1994).

"This book is a must for those professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, clergy, etc.) who have an interest in the 'wonderland' of dreams… Surely, this excellent book will stimulate considerable discussion in a number of professions. I hope it will also stimulate considerable dialogue between psychology and religion, which are not really mutually exclusive (sorry, Sigmund!)." Daniel E. Williams, Contemporary Psychology

Other available books with Kelly Bulkeley Ph.D.:

Visions of the Night: Dreams, Religion, and Psychology
By Kelly Bulkeley, Ph. D. (SUNY, 1999).

Dreamcatching : Every Parent's Guide to Exploring and Understanding Children's Dreams and Nightmares. Alan Siegel, Kelly Bulkeley (1998).

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