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Kelly McGannon

United States

Writer, Healer, Intuitive Coach
Internet Presence

Website: www.bridgebetweentwoworlds.com; www.awalkintheworld.blogspot.com

About Kelly McGannon

I remain fascinated and humbled by my interactions with the Dreamtime. It's a generous playmate, simultaneously eager for our attention and desirous for play and exploration. Life is richer and more full since I began working with my dreams in 1999.

As a healer and intuitive, I help others move into the Dreamtime to further explore its landscapes, inhabitants, and wisdom. My current passions and research interests are shared dreaming, ancestral appearances, and recurring dreams/nightmares.

My notes on the IASD

I moved from Montana to Virginia in 2007, rather glum at leaving my lovely mountains to head to a county with more people than my beloved state! However, my mood vastly improved when a series of dreams led me to Rita Dwyer, who just happened to live in my new town. Life further sweetened and expanded when, years later and in perfect timing, she led a dream circle and I was able to attend! Since then, I attend her circles and other dreams circles whenever I can.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Led a participatory workshop entitled "The Shamanic Approach to Recurring Dreams" at the IASD International Conference in Berkeley, CA, June 2012.

"Following Ancestral Dream Lines," DreamTime magazine, Winter 2013, pp. 8-10.

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