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Ken Shapley

18/2 Palmerston Place
EH12 5AL

United Kingdom

writer, shamanic drummer, didgeridoo teacher, storyteller, artist,writer
Internet Presence

Website: www.medicinedreams.com

About Ken Shapley

I am 42, of Celtic origins and married to a snowboarding poet artist and Tea Ceremony performer called Mio who is Japanese.
My main work is as a storyteller and I specialise in bringing spiritual and dreamtime stories to children in schools.
I have been interested in dreams all my life and have recently finnished my first novel "When We All Dream Together"
I have been playing the Didgeridoo for fifteen years now and find it a wonderful tool for healing and lucid dreaming.I also work with an ancient Hawaiian healing art using sea shells placed on and around the body to help people connect to their ocean within.
Our long term dream is to build a home shaped like a turtles shell within which we can offer lots of dream and creativity related services to the community. We have a feeling this will be in New Zealand.

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Didgeridoo CD's to dream along to
"What The Turtle Heard"
"Whale Dreaming"
"Bear Medicine"
"Dolphin Dreamtime" visit www.lulu.com/kenscreations

My first novel "When We All Dream Together" available from lulu.com as well and also through my website www.medicinedreams.com

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