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kenneally, kathleen

United States

artist-sing, dance, draw, and a film on water
Internet Presence

Website: www.shiftingaffinity.com

About kenneally, kathleen

i savor my dreams in wonder at the multilayered meanings--often drawing opposing meanings from the same dream. i am intrigued when images are put together like sentences or i hear a verbal phrase of advice. an emotional aha.

i am practicing waking in the middle of the night meditating and dream reliving, s recommended by scott sparrow. it is similar to the seth approach that i have benefitted greatly from when i have don't it sporadically in the past.

i am pleased to participate with others who value additional realities. in the past, i have practiced acupuncture (east asian medicine), therapeutic massage and psychotherapy. i love to travel and need lots of interior space to roam the wilds of consciousness.

My notes on the IASD

joined iasd because a friend i play with using a "shamanic type of healing" modality told me about the group. i use quotes because these words are a shorthand to give you an in the neighborhood idea about our play.

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