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Laura Atkinson

United States

Photographer / Graphic & Web Design
Internet Presence

Website: http://camerawilltravel.com

About Laura Atkinson

As a former photojournalist, I have explored the links between art, visual therapy, and the realities of the dream state for many years.

My interests in dreams are in the field of psi dreaming, mutual dreaming, symbolism and dreamwalking.

My notes on the IASD

2013 - Web and Multimedia Administrator for IASD

2008 - 2012
I have been the IASD website manager for the annual conference web pages and the PsiberDreaming online conferences. I've been behind the scenes of many IASD activities, including assisting with the annual pledge drive, conference advertising sales, web and print advertising and graphic design support.

In 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010
PsiberDreaming Art Gallery Host & Coordinator.

2002 - 2012
I've been behind the scenes as a volunteer for IASD since the first online PsiberDreaming Conference.

2011 PsiberDreaming Conference
Spirit of the Abbey, with Sherry Puricelli, Brenda Ferrimani, Rita Dwyer and Deborah Coupey.

2011 IASD Annual Conference (Netherlands)
Entrained with the Heartbeat of the Earth, panel discussion

2010 PsiberDreaming Conference
30/30 Dream Art Journaling / Artmaking Workshop

2007 PsiberDreaming Conference
Dreaming Apart Together, with Harry Bosma

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

My photography, artwork and writing has appeared in the following magazines specializing in dreams, spirituality, nature and consciousness:

Restoration Earth Journal
2012, May Issue 1, Volume 2 / Cover Image

Journal of the Ozark Research Institute
2012 Spring Edition / Photography

Spirit of Change Magazine
Uxbridge, Massachusetts
2011 Spring Edition Nature & floral photographs

Dream Network Journal
Moab, Utah
2012, Spring Edition The Spirit of the Abbey (Photography and Co-Author)
2011, Summer Edition Butterfly Dreams Continued... (Photography)
2011, Spring Edition If Nothing Ever Changed, There Would be No Butterflies (Photographer and Author)

Electric Dreams Magazine
San Francisco, CA
2007, June Special Conference Edition
2007, April Flying Through Thunderclouds
2006, December Buddha Dream
2006, February Underwater Garden
2005, June Keys to Faraway Worlds
2005, May When the Sound Goes Out
2005, April Gumdrops from the Sky

Rocky Mountain Dream Journal
Denver, CO
2004, January Cover Photo
2003, December Cover Photo
2003, June Contributing Artist

The Lucid Dream Exchange Magazine
2004, March Standing on the Moon (Cover art)
2004, December Guitar on the Dunes (Cover art)

Bulb Media:
2005, January Oneironauts - Explorers of the Lucid Dream World (artwork)

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