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Lauren Merritt

Apartment 215
10150 Torre Avenue
Cupertino, California, 95014

United States

Engineer & Poet
Internet Presence

About Lauren Merritt

Short Bio: Engineering Degrees (BS '62, MS '63) from California Institute of Technology of Pasadena, Cal. 13 Patents, 12 technical articles on mechanisms & their control. February 29, 2004: Retired from Lockheed Martin and appointed Poet Laureate at Valley Presbyterian Church of Portola Valley, Cal.
Favorite Book: "The Heart of an Engineer; Making a Recovery"
Why: I wrote it.

My notes on the IASD

I've been following Jeremy Taylor around for years. It's time to "come out of the closet" to borrow language from another field.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

"The Heart of an Engineer; Making a Recovery" is available in the book store at www.authorhouse.com. In 75 words or less:
An engineering spiritual quest? What an oxymoron! Yet here in The Heart of an Engineer is 40 years of poetry, essays, and dreams describing his move from isolation to relatedness in spite of his Parkinson’s disease. He was a good engineer; 13 patents and equipment on the moon, on the space station, and way beyond Pluto. That’s also his spiritual strength, for he avoided the traps that seduce the modern pilgrim. You will be inspired!

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