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Lawrence Owen

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About Lawrence Owen

I found information about ASD on line. Many people in the general population are skeptical about dreams and are unwilling to talk about dreams at all. Some organizations seem to want to be an ultimate authority on dreams and dream interpretation etc. ASD seems to have open-ended acceptance of various views about dreams. This makes it possible for people with various views to share experiences with dreams without having one's own experience invalidated by self appointed authorities. Along with this is the willingness to take an experimental approach to dreaming and the willingness to subject various ideas to testing.

Favorite dream:

Baby Fights For Its Life

A doll baby has been given information over a period of time. The people giving the information did not think of the doll baby as being alive but thought of him as some object. A time came when the doll baby apparently had been given enough information. Then the doll bevy was to be put under the power of the king. The king would then decide what to do with the baby and the baby would have no power to decide anything about its own life. The baby doll then awakens and becomes a person. Everyone is surprised because no one thought the baby doll was real. The baby bares a full set of solid sharp teeth and says to everyone, "I'm not going to give my power over to the king!"

My favorite dream book: Dream Power by Ann Faraday.

I have kept a record of dreams since 1977. I have a record of dreams every year from 1977 to the present. I started recording dreams regularly as I began participation in a dream group beginning in the fall of 1985/. I have done one thorough unpublished self-study from a Jungian perspective. I have recorded my remembered dreams since 1977 on the computer to make them more accessible to self study. This has been especially valuable in examining dream series.

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