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Lean Anael Siegrist

Lean Siegrist


Independent Dream Researcher, Massagetherapist
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About Lean Anael Siegrist

I have been born in November 1981 in Arlesheim in Switzerland. I have gone to several schools but the teachers from the Boarding School Ecole d`Humanité in Goldern Hasliberg have influenced me in a very good way.
At the age of 16 I became a Vision Instructor by the Janet Goodrich Method. And by the age of 20 I became a Medical Massagetherapist. After I went travelling the world. I traveled in Europe and Southamerica. During my travelling I noticed I have dreams that sort of come true, and I began to keep a dream journal. I noticed that dreams and the waking life have a connection one should be aware of and it is a connection of which one can learn of a lot.
In the year 2013 I came back to Europe and kept being interested in dreams. Since 2015 I am attending the further education programme in Analytical Psychology at the C.G. Jung Institute in Küsnacht. This year I was one of the Winners of the Precognitive Dream Contest at the Psiber Dream Conference. I really organize my life around my dreams. I believe everyday a dream has a message for the next day. I have also found sort of a rhythm according to which at least many of my dreams come true. I often tend to see something on a 5th of a month that I have dreamt in a night to the 5th of an other month in the past. And of what I have dreamt on a night to a 6th of a month I can see on a 6th of a month in the future in waking life. If I am aware I can find series of precognitive dreams. But I until now have only found a few people where this is similar. I hope to find more...
It is great to notice a dream comes true. When a dream comes true it is like being at the right place at the right time. My ew goal is to incubate dreams...My goal is to dream a dream on a certain day that comes true on a planned day in the future. I have not achieved it yet, but I have the goal...

My favourite quote about dreams is the one from Socrates:
A dream is a message from our conscious.

My favourite Book about dreams is probably the Oneirokritika from Artemidoros from Daldys. It shows so smoothly that a picture seen in a dream can have different meanings for different people. And this book was written about 2000 years ago and is still useful.

My notes on the IASD

I joined the IASD after I searched and found a magazine about Dreams.

The IASD is great because the IASD unites so many competent people for different aspects of the dream.

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