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Lillie Weiss

4302 N. 32nd St., Ste. H
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Clinical Psychologist
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My first book on dreams, Dream Analysis in Psychotherapy, essentially a "how-to" book for therapists, was an alternate selection book of the month by Behavioral Science Book Service. My more recent book, Practical Dreaming, is written for a broader audience, to help the average person understand his or her dream without the help of an expert. It was described by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., past ASD President, as providing "one of the best explanations of how to grasp the meaning of your dreams. Every dreamer should read this book."

Dreams have played such an important part of my life and in the lives of so many others I have worked with that I would like to share the tools that I have been teaching therapists for years. It is my hope that all people will pay as much attention to their nightly wisdom as to their daytime logic.

I have been a member of ASD since its inception in 1984. I have always been interested in dreams and have found them valuable both personally and professionally. I was delighted when an organization was formed that would bring dreams to the forefront and let others know about them. I am a licensed psychologist in private practice in Phoenix, Arizone and the author of six books on psychological topics, two on dreams. I received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the State University at Buffalo in 1968 and have been a practicing psychologist for over 30 years. I train therapists on using dreams with their clients in therapy and have been teaching dream courses for many years.

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