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Linda Neale

11330 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR

United States

licensed marriage and family therapist, writer, ceremonialist
Internet Presence

Website: www.lindaneale.com

About Linda Neale

Linda Neale is a licensed marriage and family therapist and writer who has worked with dreams for over 30 years. Linda helps individuals to discover the meaning of their dreams for themselves using the dream interview method as developed by Gayle Delaney, Ph.D. In this method, particular questions are asked in a particular way so that the true meaning of the dream is revealed. This method of questioning can be easily taught, and Linda teaches classes in the dream interview method on an ongoing basis.

Linda has participated in ceremonies and rituals from many cultures, is married to a Native American elder, and uses these experiences in her dream work and her counseling. She understands the similarity between the dreamworld and the world of ceremony, and helps clients create ceremonies of transition, healing, and change. Her current book "The Power of Ceremony" will be released in 2007.

Linda supports the position of the Association for the Study of Dreams which says that "the dreamer is the decision-maker regarding the significance of the dream. Systems of dreamwork that assign authority or knowledge of the dream's meanings to someone other than the dreamer can be misleading, incorrect, and harmful. Ethical dreamwork helps the dreamer work with his/her own dream images, feelings, and associations, and guides the dreamer to more fully experience, appreciate, and understand the dream".

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www.lindaneale.com; www.earthandspirit.org

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