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Lisa Sinervo

Sacramento, CA

United States

Front-End Web Developer
Internet Presence

Website: www.weirddreams.org

About Lisa Sinervo

My favorite dream is from 1987 - it makes me laugh to this day.

“I was in the waiting room of a hospital, waiting for the results of some tests that had been performed on me when a doctor came over to me with his chart looking very pleased. He explained to me that the x-rays of my brain explained my problem. He said that everything was fine, my thinking was clear and rational, what the problem was, was that in the alphabet in my head the letter E was crooked.

He explained to me how the brain functions, that we all had thoughts, but in order to communicate them to other people verbally, the thoughts had to pass through the letters of the alphabet in our brains to form words, so we could vocalize them and other people could hear them. The problem with me, he said, was not in the clarity of my thoughts, which were superb, but in the alphabet in my brain.

Unfortunately for me, the letter E was found to be on a slant, it was crooked, so whenever I had a thought to express that required a word with the letter E in it, my thoughts appeared distorted to other people. He kindly explained that is was a great misfortune that the one letter in my brain that was crooked was such a popular letter. If the letter Q or Z was crooked, it would not be such a problem, but in the case of an E, brain surgery was required.”

It ended up being a prophetic dream too.

My notes on the IASD

I know about IASD thanks to Google.

I find it very interesting that a single organization can embrace and support dreamers with such diverse views on dreams. Congrats!

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

www.weirddreams.org - It's a case study in prophetic dreaming.

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