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Luciana Maria Haill

18 warrior gardens, St Leonards, East Sussex, TN37 6EB

United Kingdom

Internet Presence

Website: www.lucianahaill.co.uk

About Luciana Maria Haill

Luciana Haill is a contemporary Surrealist working with neurotechnologies and her recent practice has focused on artist Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine, Entoptic visuals and the phenomena ‘Flicker’.
She has developed this into a series of performances and installations involving the realtime monitoring and sonification of the participants own brainwaves using techniques from hypnosis and meditation, she is considered a pioneering artist in her field.
The ‘Phrontesterion’ (EEG & Dreamachine) references the notion of ‘The Visionary’ and has been shown internationally at major venues including The Royal Institution, The Waag Society in Amsterdam and KIBLA in Slovenia. She is also Artist in residence in the University of Sussex for The Department of Informatics in the UK.

Fav books : The Living Brain by Grey Walter, Brave New World and Island by Aldous Huxley

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