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Luisa de Paula, PhD

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PhD researcher at the University of Urbino, department of Philosophy. My work is on the Intentionality in dreaming. I am a journalist, a certified member of APPA (American Association for Philosophical Practices), and a co-worker of the Italian Association of Analytical Psychology (Centro Studi Psicologia e Lettaratura). I coach - and partecipate in - philosophical dialogues, coffes, and activities linked to EU cultural projects. As a PhD student, I am tutored by Laura Piccioni, Professor in Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophical Practices, and I am now looking for a co-tutor with a strong interest in neuroscience and phenomenology. I would also like to contribute to the enlargement of dream studies in a foreign university bringing my specific approach and experience: philosophical practices, the philosophical culture of dream and imagery in the ancient Greek, Hellenistic and Italian Renaissance authors.
Internet Presence

Website: http://www.appa.edu/prodepa.htm

About Luisa de Paula, PhD

My favorite dreams are the "oracolar" ones: dreams which have been a spurring giude and an intimate direction for my life
Preferred books: incomparable Binswanger's Traum und Existenz (Dream and Existence), followed by Foucault's Le Reve (the Dream): they open a new-old horizon for the living dream, theoretically grounded in a broad interdisciplinary tradition and extremely rich in potentials for future research...
Looking behind in the philosophical tradition: Heraclitus, the Stoicians, Ildegarda from Bingen, Giordano Bruno, Cardano, Rousseau's Les Reveries du promeneur solitaire (Reveries of a solitary walker)...Among the pictures: L'art de la conversation (The Art of conversation), by Magritte, definitively! And did you know that even terrible nightmares can suggest wonderful art? Try to listen Tartini’s Trillo del diavolo ( Devil’s trill sonata), a composition for violin which was inspired by the demoniac character of a dream.

My notes on the IASD

I discovered Saybrook browsing in Internet, I wrote to Stanley Krippner and then to Kelly Bulkeley. Litte by little I am discovering a wonderful dream-network. Interdisciplinarity is very important for the research on dream, and I would like to bring philosophy in this wonderful dialogue

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