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Lynn K. Patricia

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Massage Therapist, Dreamer
Internet Presence
About Lynn K. Patricia

Theworlddreams.com, launched on January 2, 2006, is an online survey of the content of sleeping dreams. Its purpose is to track the dreams of numerous people over an extended period of time. Including yours!

It is easy to use. Just point and click. No need to type out a long narrative.

Carl Jung believed that each individual has an unconscious mind that influences behavior as directly as conscious thought. He sifted through the dreams of his clients to understand their unconscious motivations. Jung also believed in a collective unconscious that actively informs all of humankind. Can this collective unconscious be accessed by studying a broad collection of dreams?

Do people dream about the same things? Are there trends and patterns in what people around the world are dreaming about? Do people dream about major events before they happen? Perhaps this study will reveal meaningful patterns and similarities in dream activity...

...meaningful for individuals and for the global community.

Please stop by every day and enter dreams from the night before and you can see what other people are dreaming about as well!

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