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About Magloire

The busy pace of contemporary life has led human beings, on the one hand, to focus on doing rather than being, and on the other, to create and impose patterns of reference of how to act and live that everyone tries to follow. We learn to pursue and live other people’s dreams forgetting about who we really are and how we fit in on this planet. As a consequence, we may walk in this world with a huge void that cannot be filled, no matter what we do. This human disconnection with our essence moves us away from what we really love and may be reflected in high levels of emotional distress (e.g., anxiety and stress) and physical sickness.

My main interest is to help individuals to access their inner wisdom so that they can (a) connect with their essence (discovering who they are), (b) be aware of their deepest desires (finding meaning in their lives), (c) live fully and authentically, and (e) recover a sense of balance and wholeness. Our dreams are a powerful and natural resource for doing inner work and connecting with our inner wisdom.

My favorite dream books are The Complete Dream Book by Gillian Holloway & Creative Dreaming by Patricia Garfield.

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