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Rev. Mara M. Flynn, MA, M.Msc.

Dream Quest For Enlightenment
140 mayhew Way, Suite 202
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
(925) 788-8524

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About Rev. Mara M. Flynn, MA, M.Msc.

I am an Intuitive Dreamworker, Shamanic Practitioner, Artist and Metaphysical Counselor who offers dream classes, Dream*Art workshops, shamanic workshops, presentations on Indigo and Crystal children and on children’s dreams, individual counseling and individual shamanic journeys. I hold a MA in Consciousness Studies, a Certificate in Projective Dreamwork, and a M.Msc. in Metaphysics. My latest interest is the development of drumming dream groups that include trance-like shamanic drumming followed by vision interpretation in the “If it were my dream” style. I love to find connections between diverse disciplines and to join forces with professional partners in order to pesent intriguing classes and workshops that offer the expertise of all the holistic practitioners involved.

I joined ASD to be informed of the many venues that research on dreams takes, for the excellent publications and art galleries. I like the global quality of ASD and the opportunity to keep abreast of international happenings in the Dream Studies field.

My favorite dreams are big dreams, the ones in which I experience feelings of oneness and a sense of purpose. I have always had dreams of being working with other people at something greater than ourselves. I also had dreams of holding other human beings’ hands in a grid-like structure in order to connect our energies and support our planet’s spiritual evolution. I am interested in hearing of similar dreams from all like-minded people who wish to get in touch with me.

My favourite books are those dealing with the spiritual and the archetypal aspects of dreaming. I like Jeremy Taylor’s Living Labyrinth, Kelly Bulkeley’s Transforming Dreams, Marc Barasch's Healing Dreams, Siegel/Bulkeley’s Dreamcatching concerning children’s dreams, Krippner/Bogzaran’s Extraordinary Dreams and Carlos Castaneda's accounts of his shamanic journeys. Jeremy Taylor’s Dreamwork is the book I suggest to people who want to learn about dreams and how to work with them.

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