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Mara Zadnoff, DSHomMed

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Homeopathic & Dreamwork Practitioner & Director of Heal Gently Inc.
Internet Presence

Website: www.healgently.ca

About Mara Zadnoff, DSHomMed

As a homeopath and dreamworker, I use in-depth homeopathic case-taking skills and over 400 hours of Dreamwork education to support clients in their path to personal discovery.

Finding interesting word plays and puns delivered to us through our dreams is one of my favorite and especially rewarding aspects of dreamwork, providing a fun and powerful means for communication in the dreamwork process.

Much of my personal growth, education & support comes from being part of a vibrant and dynamic group of dreamers within a Toronto dream group.

The IASD Toronto Region came to life in 2012 and as the Toronto Regional Representative; I get to network and learn from our Greater Toronto Area members and help facilitate our community outreach.

My company, Heal Gently Inc. was developed to create space for others to learn and work on their personal and professional growth by offering invigorating, interesting and inclusive workshops and lectures. Past workshops include Using Dreams in Homeopathic Case Analysis, Thematic Elements of Dreams, a four-part series including: Identifying and Working with Rogue Parts-with Dr. Christopher Sowton, ND. F.C.A.H.

See you in Berkeley, 2014!

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Regional Representative-Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Regional Events Committee Member

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