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Marena Koukis, Ph.D.

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About Marena Koukis, Ph.D.

Marena studied psychology and dream work at Saybrook Graduate School. She is skilled in the use of the Hall Van de Castle scale of dream content analysis, and has assisted on multiple dream research projects in addition to her own.

She is currently collecting dreams from any woman who is pregnant, or man who is expecting a child and is willing to offer a written account of a dream that they have had during that time.  The only participation required for the study is a signed consent form and the dream write up.  All info will be entirely confidential, and the dreams will only be identified as from a man or a woman, age, and trimester.  Both consent form and dream write up can be sent over email so the process is quick and easy.  If you have any questions, or if you or somebody you know may be interested in participating please email:

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Koukis, M. (2009). Pregnancy dreams. In S. Krippner & D. J. Ellis (Eds.), Perchance to dream: The frontiers of dream psychology. Nova Science Publishers.

Koukis, M. (2007). Pregnancy dreams: Gender differences in dream content during pregnancy. (Doctoral Dissertation, Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco).

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