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Maria Volchenko, Ph.D.


Russian Federation

Internet Presence

Website: http://www.dream-art.ru/

About Maria Volchenko, Ph.D.

My students often ask me about my background, - "How is it possible to be a professional Dreamwork teacher?" Here is my story.

Born in Moscow, I live in Moscow. I graduated the Moscow State Lomonosov University (Philosophy, Logic), and made my Ph.D. there. I always took my dreams for serious as a very interesting and highly useful in practical life process. When I was a schoolchild, it helped me with no hesitation to make my choice on further higher education and to pass through entrance exams with no problems. Thus, in the 70th I was lucky to become a student of Philosophy, and to get to 'special' archives of libraries, where I could get forbidden books on modern Psychology, Dreamwork, and Esotherics.

At the beginnig of the 90th I risked to leave the prestige position of senior research worker at the Russian Academy of Science, because I was invited to work as the program director of the Russian holistic center "Inward Path" (later "Open World"). There I took part in the organization of the first conferences on Transpersonal Psychology. Besides, I completed my knowledge at the seminars of the leading Western specialists. At last I got an opportunity to combine and to use my background, my many years personal dreamwork practice, and my skills of professional teacher of Philosophy and Logic for creating new seminars and educational corurses on theory and practice of Dreamwork. This kind of educational programs exists in Western countries for years. However, they cannot be directly used for teaching Russian students, because Russia has an authentic old and deep tradition of dream practice. The practice is presented both in live tradition, folklore, and fiction.

Recently I teach Dreamwork, Regression Therapy, and Logic to students of Psychology in Moscow and S-Petersburg. I also give intensive seminars in some other Russian cities. I take part in the activity of the International Association for the Studies of Dreams (IASD). Some years ago I was certified by the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT). I write books and papers, paint my dreams, travel a lot, and continue to study.

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Books published in Russian:

Prisoners of Dreams. Fairy Tales for Adult Children (15 tales). NORMA Publ., Moscow,1999

Dreaming: Art and Practice, ASTREL Publ., Moscow,2007

Prisoners of Dreams. Fairy Tales for Adult Children (36 tales and comments on their use in dreamwork). VES Publ., S-Petersburg, 2007 in progress

Mebius Loop. (Dream related novel). VES Publ., S-Petersburg, in progress

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