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Tampa, FL 33615

United States

Language Services Quality Manager
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Website: www.thealchemycenter.com

About Marialba

I am a dreamer. Ever since I was a child, dreams have been important in my life. One of the first things my Mom would ask me almost every morning was, "Que soñaste?" (What did you dream about?). A master metaphysician and Rosicrucian, she understood the importance of messages from our unconscious and how they helped guide our spiritual and every day life. A translator and interpreter by trade, I now help others translate or interpret messages from their Inner Self. I believe it is important to work with our dreams to attain a more balanced life and accomplish our life mission. I like linking the dream symbolism with astrological symbolism to attain a deeper understanding of the dream's message. I teach others how to connect with their inner source of true knowledge and understanding through dream interpretations.

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