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Marilyn Babcock, LCSW

12 Watson St., POB 730
Unadilla, NY 13849

Depth Psychotherapist, Dream Workshop Facilitator, Adjunct Lecturer at the State University College at Oneonta, NY
Internet Presence

Website: www.marilynbabcock.com

About Marilyn Babcock, LCSW

Marilyn's work, both in psychotherapy practice and in teaching undergraduate students, is to bring awareness of a deeper, richer access to living fully than is conventionally experienced in our place and time. Important in her work are the dream workshops that she facilitates in rural upstate New York in her own home-based practice setting as well as at schools and retreat centers. Marilyn provides both introductory dream experiences to those new to paying attention to their dreams and also in-depth, ongoing group and individual work with experienced, dedicated dreamers.

Marilyn's work is deepened, supervised and supported continually by two consecutive long-term relationships with a Jungian and a Freudian Analyst, and by ongoing self-designed study. Closely related to her experience with dream and an integral part of her self-designed education is Marilyn's long experience as a home-care hospice social worker in a small radius around her home town, sharing in the deaths not only of people she had never met before, but, due to her long history in the area, being privileged to participate personally in the deaths of friends of her parents, parents of her friends, friends of her own, discovering over the years, in an unfolding way, the apparent oneness of dream and the living and dying cycle.

Marilyn is a proud and successful single mom of a terrific young man named Juan who is a sought-after guitar teacher, gifted musician and creative learner, now in college, blooming and shining.

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More about Marilyn's workshops: http://www.marilynbabcock.com/dream_workshops.htm

Marilyn is the author of "Attending a Dream: A Dream Workshop Handbook."

Marilyn is a volunteer with The National Nightmare Hotline: http://www.cyberdreamwork.com/about_us.html#join

Marilyn is webdesigner and webmistress for www.ithacajungsociety.com, with a growing practice of designing sites for other teachers/healers/therapists.

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