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Mark Hagen

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About Mark Hagen

Mark Hagen, M.A., Director of the International Institute for Dream Research. He graduated from the University of Zürich, Switzerland in Clinical Psychology in 1983, and undertook three years of analytical training in Depth Psychology with Professor Dr. Peter Seidmann of Zürich. Mr. Hagen is the author of Restoration of the Dream (Canadian Institute for Dream Research, 1994). He has kept a Dream Journal since 1977.

Since 1988, Mr. Hagen has been in private, clinical psychotherapy practice, with experience in Adult and Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Corrections. He has worked in a Children's Mental Health unit.

An experienced and qualified interviewee, Mr. Hagen has appeared many times on television and radio call-in shows to answer questions on the subject of dreams. In 1996 he opened the International Institute for Dream Research web site. The International Institute for Dream Research is a vehicle for individuals, institutions and organizations to explore the meanings of dreams. A dreambank (archive) has been started to measure and sample the unconscious social dynamics of individuals, families, societies and nations. This database will provide insight into the unconscious language and communication patterns of cultures. Ethnographic studies of dreams will also provide a cross-cultural analysis to reveal the unconscious social fabric of various cultures.

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www.dreamresearch.ca and www.lifestoryproductions.com

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