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Mark Schroll

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Mark A. Schroll, Ph.D., philosophy of science with specialization in transpersonal psychology and environmental studies, The Union Institute.

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Dissertation: The Philosophical Legacy of David Bohm and its Relationship to Transpersonal Psychology and the Emergence of Ecopsychology: Searching for a Coherent, Co-Evolutionary, Sustainable Culture. Former adjunct professor Department of Anthropology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he developed and taught “Ecopsychology and Indigenous Science,” and “The Anthropology of Consciousness.” Guest Editor of Anthropology of Consciousness, 16 (1), 2005, that included his essay “Whither Psi and Anthropology: An Incomplete History of SAC’s Origins, Its Relationship with Transpersonal Psychology and the Untold Stories of Castaneda’s Controversy” with Stephan A. Schwartz, plus an essay on Bohm’s theories, and introduction. His essay “Wrestling with Arne Naess and the Origins of Ecopsychology” is in press at The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy. Schroll's professional reviews appear in Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, Resurgence, and Anthropology of Consciousness and he’s published several columns in Anthropology News. He contributed an essay to Ralph Metzner’s book Sacred Mushrooms of Vision: Teonanacatl(Inner Traditions, 2005; publishing his dream telepathy experience in The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences: http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/tart/taste. He’s presented at the Family and Demographic Research conference (Brigham Young University), the International Wittgenstein-Symposium (near Vienna, Austria), Society for the Scientific Study of Religion Annual conference, Association for Transpersonal Psychology and International Transpersonal Association conferences, Annual American Anthropology Association conference, Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness Annual conferences, International Association for the Study of Dreams conferences and lectured at Fairhaven College and Central Michigan University.

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