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Marlene King, M.A.

P.O. Box 477
Murphy, OR 97533

United States

dreamologist, writer, artist
Internet Presence

Website: www.DreamtimesGuide.com

About Marlene King, M.A.

I am passionate about dreams and symbolic imagery and have studied them all of my life, chronicled in volumes of dream journals from age eight.

I have taught Creative Dreamwork, Dream Appreciation, Mandala Awareness and Dream Inspired Writing and conduct practical dream clinics to assist in consciousness expansion and integration. While my work draws heavily on Jungian-based theories, I embrace an eclectic approach.

I wish I had kept my earliest copies of Dream Network Journal. I do have my copies from 1987 forward. Always searching for dream information, I found Bay Area Dreamers on a visit there in the early '80s. I can't recall if it was from 1983 or 1984 when I first joined ASD. Graduate school intervened, but I have maintained membership off and on since the "early" days.

What do I see as most important about ASD? Education and awareness engendering intelligent and honorable notions about the integrity of dreams and dreaming in human lives.

Favorite dream ever? So, so many.... The first that comes to mind is one I had in the mid-80s--about being "propelled" into the universe, seeing shards of matter flying past everywhere in many dimensions--experiencing pure light and "seeing" the universe with an inner eye that simply engulfed me, and made me not want to go back to earth, being confronted with spheres within spheres of light that were like warm baths. I can still fall into that feeling of pure bliss even as I write this.

Favorite dream book ever? Carl Jung's, Man and His Symbols -- full of every aspect of the dream phenomena and is a readable, easy-to-understand text which provides the basis for valuable dream work.

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Dream Network Journal bi-monthly column 10 year contributor, "Dream Times" http://DreamNetwork.net/MKing.html

ASD Dream Time Newsletter article, "Lucid vs. Jungian Approach to Therapeutic Dreamwork"

Chocolate for a Woman's Heart and Chocolate for a Woman's Soul are both national best-selling books in which my true dream stories appear.

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