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Marty Gegner

311 Maple Ave. W Ste. K
Vienna, VA 22180

United States

Full Time Dreamworker
Internet Presence

Website: www.dreamworkguide.com

About Marty Gegner

Marty's interest in dreams began at the age 6 when she had a dream whose images have stayed with her to this day. That interest was further sparked at 18 when a dream literally saved her life.

Working backstage as a makeup artist in television, theatre and print, offered the opportunity to quietly observe and gain insight to human nature and behavior in "real life" situations. That experience has been invaluable in my dream work. proving time and again that although we are all different we really are all the same, having the same hopes, dreams and fears. As a full time dreamworker I find my passion for this work stronger than ever.

Each "favorite" dream has brought guidance, growth, and transformation in its own unique way.

My notes on the IASD

I see the continuing education in the field of dream work as most important for IASD. I have watched the general interest in dreams progess towards mainstream awareness, albeit slowly, over the years through the efforts of IASD and fellow dream workers. I firmly believe the undertanding of self through dreams is key to both inner and world peace.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

"Conscious Dreaming and the Tarot" July 2008 issue of "The Rose"

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