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Mary Pat Lynch, Ph.D.

United States

Dreamer, Educator, Writer
Internet Presence

About Mary Pat Lynch, Ph.D.
My notes on the IASD

After meeting many IASDers and having a great time at the 2006 PsiberDreaming online conference, I was hooked. I haven't missed a PsiberDream conference since and just attended by third annual conference ... Earth Dreaming in Chicago. IASD keeps the dream alive!

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Essays and articles (as Mary Pat Mann):

“Mermaids”, Mytholog, v5n1 (Winter 2006)
"The Door to the Imaginal Realm", Mytholog, v4n3 (Summer 2006)
"The Power of Dream Theater", Rocky Mountain Dream Journal, v3 n1 (June/July 2005)
"Journey to Enchantment", SageWoman, Issue 60, (Jan-Mar 2005)
"Doorways to Other Worlds", Parabola, V28 n3 (Fall 2003) p6-11

Short Fiction:
"Mist Nets", PanGaia Issue 40, (Jan-Mar 2005)

"Some Things About Eggs" Mytholog, v3 n3 (Summer 2005)
"Aubade for Penelope" and "Dreamwork", Rocky Mountain Dream Journal, v2 n5 (February/March 2005)
"The Inn of Infinite Dreams", Earthsongs, (Beltane 2003)

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