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Mary Ziemer


United Kingdom

Director HELP Counselling Centre, London, Manager, Dream Research Institute London, UK, & psychotherapist
Internet Presence

Website: www.driccpe.org.uk; www.luciddreamalchemy.com

About Mary Ziemer

It is good to know that there are people who come together to give a space for dreams in the waking world. It seems a curious thing to me it has taken me so many years and a move to London to find IASD.

I came to Europe in 1990 as a Teacher Trainer with the US Peace Corps in Poland. Since then, Europe has been my home. After living and working in Poland and Switzerland for some years, I moved to London in 2000. At long last, I followed up on my interest in Psychology and Religion, receiving an MA in the subject. This led me to the Centre of Counselling & Psychotherapy Education, CCPE, in London where I trained in psychotherapy and studied alchemy. CCPE was the right place for me as the Director, Dr. Nigel Hamilton, specialises in how spiritual transformation manifests in dreams.
After that, I worked as the Service Director of Help Counselling Centre and continued doing research in lucid dreaming.

Though it doesn’t seem many IASD members post their favourite dream, I would like to share two of mine: a non-lucid and lucid dream. I believe both dreams were bestowed as favours to help me move into the unknown. The dreams serve as touchstones when I find myself afraid to enter new territory. Perhaps they will do the same for you.

May 1990
When I was twenty-five and trying to decide whether or not I would leave my home in the US to go abroad to Poland, I’d gone to bed feeling uneasy, unsure, unable to pray, lacking confidence in the future. In the early morning hours, I have the following dream:
At the base of the golden, California hills of summer, I wander through crowded carnival grounds, feeling alienated from those who play at the booths and line up for rides in the hot afternoon sun. All I want is a friend to go walking with me in the California hills. The pressure of the crowds pushes me out into the golden foothills where a man approaches me saying, “I’ve heard that you’ve been looking for a friend.” His gentleness reassures me. I feel I can trust this stranger who wears a royal-blue poet’s blouse and has shoulder-length blond hair. His fine features and form radiate beauty. As we walk in the hills, we speak a language that does not require words and our conversation moves beyond the need for questions and answers. The sea-washed breeze cools us. After many miles and timeless hours, he invites me home to meet his family. On the way there, I ask him his name. He answers, “Gabriel.” I turn to him and said, “You know, that name means ‘Child of God’.” He turns to me with a healing smile and says, “I know.” His elderly parents and three sisters greet me warmly. They feed me freshly baked bread and give me fresh milk. I feel the meal makes me whole and gives me new life. After supper, Gabriel tells me we are to go on a journey into the night. When I was a child, I had been terribly afraid of the dark, but now it seems a friend. Gabriel and I disappear into that velvety darkness. I wake up feeling sure, willing to trust in life even if I could not articulate where it would lead. I left the US for Poland a few weeks later.

February 14th 2009
In the dream, someone gives me a letter in a blue envelope. I am reminded of how a letter in a dream can bring guidance and with this thought become lucid. As in previous lucid dreams, I bow my head. The dreamscape falls away, and in a flash, my consciousness leaves my dream body and is taken on the winds through the Holy darkness into polyhedrons made of white beams of light. The only thought there is room for comes spontaneously as I hear myself singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Power and Might Heaven and Earth are full of your glory. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” The matrix bathes me in a light that delights me. And then the light coalesces into a large circle of deep purple light that breathes against a backdrop of black. A band of red rings the edge of the purple. The colour calls up the awareness of suffering and of divinity. For some time, I meditate on the qualities of the colour, and then the ball of colour changes into a bright joyful yellow, also with a deep red around it and set against the blackness. All the while I am aware of light vibrating through my being. Although I long to stay in the experience, with this awareness, the yellow and red dissolve all around me and I awaken.

My notes on the IASD

IASD came to me through Nigel Hamilton, the Director of the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education. In June of 2006 he said in a lecture that he had just returned from an international conference on dreams. That sounded like a good thing to me. I kept it in mind, looking forward to the time I could attend a conference.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Professional Qualifications

Dream Research Institute, CCPE, London, UK, Manager & Research Officer

"Jung Wakes Up: Lucid Surrender & the Alchemical Coniunctio" a chapter in the upcoming Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep edited by Dr Kelly Bulkeley & Ryan Hurd. Set to be published by Praeger in Summer 2014
March 7, 2014: Hosted the UK's first-ever Dream Ball Charity Event--A Dream Eve & Dream Art Sale--Raised £11,000 on behalf of the DRI and HELP Counselling Centre with 160 guests & 30 volunteers
The Lucid Dream Experience, March 2014, "Love's Lucid Labors Nearly Lost: A Light Comedy"
Psiber Dreaming Conference, 2013, "Through a Glass, Lucidly--A Workshop"
The Lucid Dream Experience, September 2013, "Through a Glass, Lucidly"
IASD, Virginia Beach, June 2013, a panel on Applications of a Will-Development Model to Dream Experiences with Mark Thurston and Scott Sparrow. Paper Entitled: "Lucid Surrender: The Alignment of the Individual Will with the Transpersonal/Divine Will."
IASD, Virginia Beach, June 2013, a panel on The Lucidity of Light: Light as an Expression of Creative and Transformative Consciousness in Dreams, with Dr Nigel Hamilton, Dr Scott Sparrow, and Dr Diane Greig. Paper entitled: "The Alchemy of Light, Lucidity, and Consciousness"
The Lucid Dream Experience, 2013, "Beyond the Matrix: From Consensus Reality to Heart Consciousness"
Gateways of the Mind, Archeytype Events, London, UK, May 2013, The Light of Lucidity: How Lucid Dreaming Can Illuminate Your Spiritual Growth. A 1 day workshop with Robert Waggoner
Network Magazine, Ireland, May 2013, "The Healing Potential of Lucid Dreams"
Gateways of the Mind, Archetype Events, Dublin, Ireland, May 2013, "The Light of Lucidity"
The Lucid Dream Experience, March 2013, a DreamSpeak Interview with Robert Waggoner
Caduceus Magazine, United Kingdom, Issue 84 2012, "Lucid Surrender: The Alchemy of Dreams"
Gateways of the Mind, Archetype Events, London, UK, Nov 2012 with Michael Katz, Charlie Morley and Robert Waggoner
Psiber Dreaming Conference 2012 presented paper on Lucid Surrender: The Alchemy of Psycho-Spiritual Transformation
IASD Conference 2012, Berkeley, California. Symposium on "A Transpersonal Perspective on Lucid Dreaming" with Fariba Bogzaran, Ted Esser, and Ryan Hurd
IASD Conference 2011, Rolduc, Netherlands. Symposium on "The Evolution of Light and Color in Psycho-Spiritual Transformation" with Marlene Botha, and Nigel Hamilton
IASD Conference 2010, Ashville, North Carolina, USA. Workshop on Symmetry in Lucid Dreams
The Lucid Dream Exchange, March 2011, "The Healing Sands of Lucid Dreamtime"

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