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Massimo Schinco

Via Bisalta 27,
San Defendente
12010 Cervasca (Cn)


psychologist psychotherapist
Internet Presence

Website: www.massimoschinco.it

About Massimo Schinco

Dreams became suddenly important in my life when, many years ago, I first met the psychotherapist Francesco Mina. He devoted his work to research into the dream and its application to psychotherapy. He started from a psychoanalytical view of the dream and then elaborated an original frame - the dream as reactualization of foetal fantasies. Furthermore, Mina's view implies in its background some anthropological assumptions which can provide enriching lines for the study of dream and consciousness. In 1994 he tragically died in the flood that devastated Piemonte (Italy), so his work has been left uncomplete. Lately I edited the collection of his writings which have been published by his daughter, Giuliana Mina, psychiatrist. A presentation of Mina's work in English can be found at the internet address shown below.

The issue of nature of consciousness has always had a great appeal to me. So I've been long time focusing on the study of dreams in a transgenerational and future-oriented view, inquiring into conditions that trigger non-local changes in and out of therapy sessions.

Since I have a great passion for music, I play violin as an amateur in the Orchestra Sinfonica Amatoriale Italiana. I'm deeply interested in relations between change and creativity. To this issue are dedicated several of my papers, presentations and books, in which dreams always play their role.

My notes on the IASD

IASD fosters privileged opportunities of worldwide, respectful and inspired dialogue in issues which are crucial for our future: consciousness, imagination, desires, planning, problem solving, human relations, coping with pain, healing...
All members are considered equal and important, and this is a great feature!
In June 2011 I've been elected as a Member of the Board. In the spirit I sketched above, I am trying to do my best.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

"Siamo Sognati a Nostra volta", Durango Edizioni

"The Composer's Dream - Essays on Creativity, Dreams and Change (with a foreword by Jean Campbell)

check my website:

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